I rejects men ...

 Women, especially young, drawing in his mind the image of a handsome prince, do not take ordinary men as partners. Even in the best samples of the stronger sex are disadvantages that are incompatible with fabulous views of the girl.
 In his youth, it seems that the whole life ahead, so do not hurry up with the choice of a partner. So the stronger sex, no vending the first time, refuses to communicate. Although she does not even know the nature of man, and judging only by the general impression. And many worthy partners are behind where they were then picked a more insightful and thoughtful woman.

Most often, the problem of choosing a partner is facing girls with excessive demands. And the blame for this is usually the parents. Girl idolized, it must be the best. They forget to tell you that the best self into the hands of falls, to achieve something, you need to work hard. The same applies to relationships. To find a worthy partner, and most need to be at the level - have a broad outlook, to be educated, interesting interlocutor, etc. That's what girls are often overlooked and are hoping to meet the prince, while very "noble blood" do not differ. This happens very rarely. Even in the fairy tale Cinderella had to learn to dance and dress up in gorgeous outfits to her betrothed noticed.

But sometimes even the real princess unlucky, decent men on their way and not found. And, having reached a certain age, she realizes that he wants a family and children and for this willing to put up with a few drawbacks partner. However, looking around, she sees that everything is more or less suitable for marriage, men have long been dismantled. And only the most unsold copies that are not wanted. Is depression, a woman scolds himself, his upbringing and environment, because too picky approach to choosing a pair of late and with the decision. And agrees to a marriage proposal from the first comer. Or, accustomed to forced loneliness, ceases to strive to get married.

But, no matter how events unfolded, the main thing - do not despair. Miracles happen, love overtakes people at any age. Need not lose hope and do not give difficult situations to break itself.

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