How to seduce a "social lion"

How to seduce a "social lion"
 Intelligent, beautiful, smart, rich ... Almost all women dream of such a man, a kind of "secular lion", but not everyone gets. How Come? A woman should not forget the fact that she is a woman. Only then will appreciate it all the rest. And to know some remarkable facts - from the correct posture and behavior at the table to maintain a conversation.

Keep track of posture and movement. It has long been believed that the smaller woman fussing, so it is more attractive and noble. It is connected with the ancient complex hairstyles and corsets in which it was difficult to move around. Back line should be slightly arched back, chest lifted, shoulders slumped, his neck - vertical. Steps better to take short, slow.

It is unacceptable for educated women sit "foot to foot" or spreading his knees. The best thing to cross your feet "bow" and just pull in their legs.

Many women now are lost if they kissed his hand. But it is still unforgotten and polite gesture. Serve right hand should be, after removing gloves. Do not need a man hugging and clapping him on the back! This is a gesture to the stronger sex.

Since ancient times, it was not accepted in the noble families flaunt wealth, hanging on a few bracelets, necklaces and brooches. So did a small minded wife nobles. Women decorated fingers only one or two rings or rings that emphasized grooming hands were small beautiful earrings. And now it is considered good form. The dress can emphasize thin shawl or silk gloves.

Let the man to fill your glass. Do not talk with your mouth full and does not pose a bowl of everything that you see! Clinking glasses, made to look a man in the eye and raise a glass of slightly higher than his.

To be able to listen to - a good habit. Speak only when we are sure he is right. Do not use swear words, do not joke went, it was inappropriate. Each phrase is good in their environment. Anecdotes should cause a knowing smile, not a burst of laughter.

Lateness - is not end of the world! Men are sometimes worth worried about when it comes fiancee. But do not count on the fact that the delay in forty minutes will be regarded as an innocent prank. Do not go too far with these things.

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