How to fall in love with an egoist

How to fall in love with an egoist
 Man in varying degrees inherent selfishness. If it occurs only occasionally, within reasonable limits, nothing wrong with that. But sometimes selfishness simply rolls over. How can act Women who are not lucky enough to fall in love with this here "convinced selfish"?
 First of all, a woman should think: Are there really "light converged wedge" in this selfish? After all, there are many normal men who are able to love her and appreciate not getting stuck while on his "I".

If her love for the egoist is too strong, the woman will have to set yourself up for a long and hard struggle. As selfish as high opinion of himself, that next to him wants to see perfection. By the very simple reason: it is holy sure that the girl is not perfect, is not worthy of such a man to make a pair. So the lady will have to pay special attention to appearance, and behavior. Her manners, hairstyle, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories - everything has to be perfect. At the same time, it needs to be kept "on the brink". God forbid, if the egoist stirs the idea that it is not dressed for it, and in order to attract the attention of other men. As a minimum, the scandal "frivolous coquette" provided.

Even if a woman is undeniably clever, she had to forget about it. At least until the waltz Mendelssohn and stamps in the passport. Because selfish just can not stand when the focus is not on it, and if someone has something better versed. For him it is like a knife sharp. And if this "someone" would be a woman.

Therefore, the lady had the misfortune to fall in love with an egoist, you have as much as possible to listen and speak as little as possible. The main thing - carefully portray the most lively and genuine interest in his person, and his words. In the eyes of enthusiastic ladies huge letters should be written: "How fortunate that I met such an intelligent, extraordinary man! "Despite the simplicity, even primitiveness, such a reception, it operates smoothly. Since 99% of cases have convinced the egoist not have even thought that they can not admire, and that his words are not always the pearls of wisdom.

The final "bar" - to convince him that the most ardent desire - to do everything possible to corporal and spiritual comfort. It should delicately, gently asked what food he likes, as prefers to spend his spare time, what his hobbies, etc. And then to call his beloved selfish for dinner, which will be filed and his favorite dish, and heard his favorite music. Then everything in her hands!

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