How not to quarrel over trifles

How not to quarrel over trifles
 How often innocent quarrel about the order of throwing garbage into a real battle with the mention of all the sins committed since the beginning of married life together. Sometimes it seems that the second half as if looking for an excuse to quarrel because of the little things.  

Such trifling quarrel in fact - an excellent indicator of a harmonious relationship. When partners understand and feel each other, the row over the one who goes to the store for bread, ending just buying bread. To some extent petty domestic quarrels even useful, because it does not give the relations stagnate.

Quite a different situation in the troubled families. Often with the help of his wife quarrels from scratch trying to convey to the second half of their attitude towards the situation. However, this method intimate talk ineffective in solving family problems. Spouses let off steam, but the problem remains a problem, as each of his shouting and constructive dialogue failed.

You will be surprised to learn that you can learn if they do not quarrel at all, then at least to sort things out with the mind and will not start because of the little things.

When the quarrel has already happened, stop for a moment and think, because of what in fact all the fuss, is not hiding there more for a simple request to "take out the trash." Perhaps you would like to say something completely different, such as "please, help me around the house more often?" If so, just try to talk to her husband and tell how you are missing his help and support.

Keep calm and emotional stability. If you feel that now explode and the quarrel will end in divorce, take advantage of the best known way to deal with anger: shut up and be counted himself to 10. In the excited state can tell a lot of superfluous, and because the word is not a sparrow fly - no catch.
Do not think that resentment - it's bad and awful bad for relationships. We are all different, we all have to reproach partners. The important thing is that all of the claims expressed in a calm and suspension.

Be in everyday life easier, do not carp to her husband about trifles. Scatters socks? But the golden hands and can fix everything. Likes to eat in front of the TV? But does not disappear with questionable unmarried friends knows where. In all, you can find good, unless, of course, want.

It is said that those whom we love, we suffer and the most vulnerable. For many accustomed to disrupt a bad mood for friends and relatives. If you understand that the reason for the small quarrels - your bad mood, leave it beyond the threshold of the apartment and do not let yourself get bogged down in the family, which is absolutely not to blame for the fact that you do not ask at work or in the morning headache. Be kind, value family, close these people have no one.

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