How do I get an orgasm

How do I get an orgasm
 Many of today's families are falling apart due to lack of full orgasm in one of the spouses. And this is understandable. Whatever may be said about platonic love, but sex (up to a certain age, of course), sex remains the cornerstone of the relationship. Hence - and betrayal and abuse, and mutual misunderstanding spouses. And, as a consequence, the rupture of relations, the destruction of the family. Can this be avoided? Of Course. You just need to learn to enjoy ...

Have a strong sex orgasm usually rather primitive and fleeting. With the ladies - is another matter. Orgasm in women may take up to ten minutes, or may not occur at all. In any case, and the ladies and gentlemen should not only theoretically, but also a practical approach to the issue of sexual satisfaction.

There is nothing that brings as a man and a woman to orgasm, as a prelude. There are also more modern definition of this process - "foreplay", but it is perhaps somewhat vulgar and totally inappropriate to the name of the priest.

Prelude as such - it's a long languorous kisses, accompanied by gentle touches of partners to each other, as if unintentional caress most intimate places, and even silly giggles from the fear of being tickled (and that this too is something young, naive and somewhere even romantic). And, at the same time, quietly but persistently awakening passion. Deep and reckless, absorbing everything. Just a prelude and allows partners to tune into a splash of erotic energy.

Of course, in matters of love, much depends on the man, his skill and imagination. On the other hand, hackneyed poses and a limited number of options that are stored in the recesses of the male brain, to put it mildly, is quickly bored. However, the activity is usually called love 'case two "(rather than one). Therefore, a woman should not remain silent during the process, and gently suggest beloved, as if she wanted him to caress her, in what position it is more convenient, a tempo and rhythm will help her reach orgasm faster.

To help partners understand that, in the end, it is required, a lovely lady must reject the false shame and start gently stimulate itself. Of course, we should not get hung up on this and, otherwise the next time a man, at the same time getting used to the fact that a woman can please themselves and their own efforts, do not pay attention to how the woman fondles herself. Therefore, the lady should send a hand affectionately partner towards sweet hiding place, the existence of which he may have had no idea.

The most effective means - massage the clitoris. Regardless of the posture partner. Since the clitoris in women can be placed directly in the pubic area, and almost at the entrance to the vagina, and then pose for a successful sexual intercourse should be chosen taking into account the individual physiology of a beautiful lady.

The man, in turn, should also be able to react to the slightest change in the status of the partner, despite the desire to quickly complete coitus. Of course, there are a number of factors that impede, the assurance of the stronger sex, bring a woman to a state of complete satisfaction, so only true feelings and understanding can help partners to find not only the proverbial "point G», but also other equally important physiological and psychological common ground necessary for life together.

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