First date: topics of conversation

First date: topics of conversation
 First date and it may well be the last if misbehave. Particular attention should be paid to the talk: do not need shamefully silent all night, afraid of saying the wrong thing, but not worth talking and affect not too relevant topics.
 On the first date should talk about what it will be interesting for you and your partner. In addition, this is a great chance to learn his chosen closer and determine whether you are to each other, how much do you have in common. Regardless of what topic you choose, remember that we must be able not only to speak but also to listen. Date should not turn into a monologue. If you feel that your partner bored smoothly change the subject, praising his appearance and asked a couple of unobtrusive questions about his life.

First, determine the topics that are best avoided. For example, it is not necessary on the first date to ask about the financial position of your chosen one, his property, work, or a man may think that you're more interested in his money than he himself. Also, you should avoid any controversial topics - politics, crime, religion, national question, etc., that conversation is not passed in the conflict. No need to talk about his personal life, about his former partner, failed relationships.

Most appropriate for a first date neutral topics relating to your chosen one and you. For example, you can talk about music, artists, discuss your favorite films and news in the world of cinema, interesting books, etc. If your partner loves animals, you can talk about their pets, to tell some interesting and funny stories. Typically, these conversations help get rid of restraint and defuse the situation.

Separate discussion deserve your hobbies. It is very important to behave politely and avoid unflattering statements about hobbies partner. Ideal - to find something in common, some hobby that you both like. For example, a lot of interesting topics can find fans of cars of various sports and so on. At the same time, if you feel that your partner is not a hobby like, do not talk about it in detail.

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