Extreme sex: the delights and dangers

Extreme sex: the delights and dangers
 Partners who are tempted to sexual games, invariably begins to attract extreme sex. Unavailability, prohibition, danger - all the cares and, along with a slight fear, gives a unique pleasure.

But in order to fully enjoy sex in unusual circumstances, it is necessary to approach the organization is more complex than it is in your bedroom. In fact, besides obvious charms and new experiences you face the risk of getting hurt or be seen. In the latter case the softest, than you can shake - is a moment of embarrassment. In the worst of cases, you will face administrative responsibility.

For example, many attractive sex on an airplane. Of course, it's pretty exciting - make love, is at an altitude of several thousand kilometers above the ground. But for a start it is worth considering a few subtleties.

Go to the bathroom together and be noticed - it is cunning and agile for. It is best to get to the bathroom at lunchtime, when the staff and passengers occupied. Alternatively, you can pretend to be patient and ask a partner to accompany you to the toilet. When will there, do not forget about their ailments and do not give your secret satisfied smile.

The room itself toilet on a plane is very small, so you need to take such a position that does not interfere, as well as not to accidentally break any of the equipment. In this case, the risk of violation hundred percent. Do not lean on the sink and changing table, because they will not withstand the weight of an adult.

Sex in nature romantic and gives an unforgettable sense of freedom. But to indulge in caresses, should take care of hygiene, as it is in the "wild" conditions easiest to get genital infections. And also to protect themselves from prying eyes by a more desolate or equipped a sort of tent.

Sex in public places, such as in fitting, concerts, museums or the theater, quite dangerous. Of course, if you notice, all may end only by the fact that you will withdraw from the room, but it may well be so, that you will have to pay a fine. Because, going on a risky business, be prepared for the most unpleasant consequences.

As for places directly life-threatening, such as the roof, a Ferris wheel, a balcony or a window sill of the window, in this case, you must carefully approach to training, and security. This is due to the fact that at the time when you are in a state of erotic euphoria, your vigilance is reduced several times, and this is a direct threat to life.

Protect the possible outburst zone, use the locking strengthening, and most importantly, do not lose control and do not drink alcohol. Sex in extreme places - this is an interesting and memorable experience, but that it did not last in your life, come to him with all the understanding and care.

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