Compatibility in Love

Compatibility in Love
 "I do not get along" - a fairly common phrase in our lives. It often happens that you love each other madly, live together, and suddenly, suddenly discover that you have completely different personalities and outlooks on life. How to choose a partner, so you do not regret the time spent?

The first thing to come to mind - the signs of the zodiac. Some believe in it, others consider outright nonsense, but sometimes knowledge of astrology can be very useful when choosing a partner. If you do not know his character thoroughly, at least be able to understand what you can expect from it. By the way, few know that the primary understanding of the compatibility of zodiac signs, not necessarily go into the horoscope. Enough to find out what elements belong to your partner and to compare this element with its. Very difficult to have representatives of contradictory elements: fire, water, fire, earth. All other elements are combined more or less normally. The most optimal combination of: fire-air, ground-water, all the rest - neutral or favorable.

If you do not astrology particularly attracted refer to types of temperament. There are four: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. Accordingly, the partner himself is best to choose the type of your own temperament. Two choleric can coexist quite harmoniously, but it is a dangerous mix. If you are not afraid to kill each other after a while, starts a relationship safely. Choose a partner for the relationship of the best representatives of border temperaments. So choleric is comfortable with sanguine, phlegmatic endure constant sobbing melancholic, sanguine and choleric and be able to cope, and phlegmatic, and even if very much to fall in love with melancholy. In any case, after talking for a while, you'll know whether the relationship perspective.

Choose a partner for long-term relationships better, based on your common interests, social status and education. Of course, in love there are no barriers and the princess could afford to fall in love with the employee filling and go with him to the edge of the world. But think of what will happen to these relations in the future? Love, no matter how strong it may be, must be supported by joint efforts. This communication, life, making money and responsibility for the family. Harmonious relations are possible only if people are interested in each other, they do not feel embarrassment and able to invest in the same family construction. And it's not just about the material side, but also about spirituality, and morality. People need to be compatible in all.

Love - mixed feelings. Today, she breaks out between you, and tomorrow it gone. Not to be disappointed, not to burn yourself, and try to keep what you hold dear, try to carefully examine the elect from the beginning. After all, your future is only possible if you have a compatible. Otherwise, you risk not converge characters, signs of the zodiac, or the failure to get under the stars in the sky. Love each other and look for their own destiny.

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