Care and prohibitions: two sides of the same coin

Care and prohibitions: two sides of the same coin
 Probably, at all times the problem of "fathers and sons" was sharply between generations. Of course, parents - is the most native, the closest people who will always be there. But parents also are different. Sometimes parental care passes all bounds, and set strict control.

Often protest against parental care turns into sharp conflict, a kind of war. And if you take into account the fact that in our country the majority of young people forced to live with their parents, often forces are unequal. And if a girl or young person throughout life used to depend on the authoritarian parents who impose their model behavior for children, leave in the "adult" life, they find themselves helpless, non-self. Above them, there is no more care, but they do not know how to live differently, and it knocks them down.

Of course, children for parents will always remain children, regardless of whether they 15 years old or 30. But you must admit, it's ridiculous to look at adult wealthy man who in all depends on the opinion of his mother. These are called "sissy", they were not considered, they cause a smile and usually they are deeply lonely and unhappy. Therefore, by controlling their children, do not go too far. Think about that sooner or later the children will have to learn to live on their own, without your care. And to do this it will be much easier if from childhood you will teach them independence, to form their identity and develop a sense of responsibility.

Of course, control over children is needed, especially in adolescence. But it's much better if you child will willingly talk about their deeds, trust you than to cheat and fear. To establish friendly relations with the child. Yes, it's not easy, but nevertheless, it is worth to try. Tell your child about his affairs, actions plans. Over time, the share impression of a day or plans for the next day will be a kind of a family tradition. And then you will not worry and worry, not knowing where your child is.

Get to know your child's friends, invite them home, communicate. After all, no wonder they say that a man is judged by friends. That will calm your soul, if you will know, is talking to whom your son or your daughter. Control your spending but is not limited to them, otherwise the child will be forced to cheat, not to become a "black sheep" among their peers.

It is not necessary to constantly monitor the child - give him space, but at the same time try to be aware of his affairs. And over time, noting the understanding and participation on your part, the child will get used to trust you, will not hide from you the plans and actions. Only in this case the family established friendly friendly atmosphere, and your soul will finally be at peace because of their already adult, but so small for you "baby".

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