Acquaintance with a man: how to charm it once and for all

Acquaintance with a man: how to charm it once and for all
 Perhaps, in every girl's life at some point, there a man who by all means I would like to charm, to win, to do his knight. For this he sees you - the one and only knight without fear and without reproach. However, to do this is sometimes not so easy.
 It's you he seen such here, welcome, it is you dream about it. But this does not mean that he sees in you a soul mate. So - should make sure that he understood that it was such as you, looking for all my life. Of course, all men are different, each of them has his ideal woman. But there are a few rules to follow that, you can significantly bring his dream - to charm a man once and for all.

First of all, if you have not know how to - learn to listen to him. Moreover - hear what he says. Show that you are interested in everything that he lives and that it does. Maintain, be encouraged him to continue his story - ask questions, perhaps, help the decision of a problem. And, of course, smiling. And - laugh. His jokes, of course. Men like to look like that kind humorist and joker, you easily able to laugh. And optimist attract them much more than a sad, pessimistic person.

However, do not overdo it - be natural. Moreover, not a simpleton, and - frank and open personality, individuality. Do not try to curry favor and do not like - perhaps there are few men who love falsehood.

If you do not want to just half an hour after meeting the other person tried to escape away from you, be beautiful and interesting to talk to, keep the conversation Lured not only look (although it is sometimes necessary), and speeches. Of course, this does not mean that you need to become a mythical siren with a divine voice. However, to be able to keep up the conversation so that the man was not bored with you, in fact - that he felt with you easily and naturally - believe me, it is worth.

In all of this it is not necessary to achieve crony relationships. You - a woman of mystery, a woman flash, female hops. Make him wonder manite while remaining inaccessible fascinates and delights its originality and charisma. And, of course, do not forget the charm. Superb attraction in everything - clothes, in cosmetics, in gait, behavior - and believe me, he can not resist.

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