5 Ways to confess his love to the man

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 The hero of the film "Mr. Nobody" Nemo, confessing to love a girl says, "I think if one person loves another, he should tell him about it." Indeed, to conceal their feelings can be hard, they break a person from the inside, and doubts one, will reciprocated, it seems, can be a maddening. But sometimes it is difficult is not only a declaration of love, but also to figure out exactly how to do it.

1. Love Letters can be considered as the most ancient way of acknowledging their feelings. So much sincerity, love and passion contained in them that their reading breathtaking ladies even hundreds of years later. And in our time it is not necessary to write off this method of recognition. Write a letter much easier than to say about their feelings personally, in addition, there is time to weigh every word, to produce the desired effect.

You can write an email message on a social network or ICQ, as you can in order to make a more romantic effect, write the most common letter on a piece of paper and send it by regular mail itself. If you are, of course, know the address of your lover.

2. Another way of recognizing their feelings - a phone call. On the phone, you kind of like dealing with a man personally, one on one, but he will not see your face blushing shyly. At worst, you can send a SMS.

3. If you are afraid to call yourself a man, you can resort to the latest technology. On the Internet there are now sites dealing with these things. On this site you leave a request with an indication of which number you want to call and what to say. Paying, of course, a small amount of money. Operator service call to your lover and tell him about your feelings. Thus obtaining a living human communication, but in which you yourself will not take part.

4. You can select and some very unusual way of a declaration of love. However, this often attracted to men, but nothing prevents a woman and invent your own original way of recognition. Write under windows men in large letters, "Victor, I love you! "Absolutely not necessary. Generally should not spoil the public domain.

Much better to give him some sort of a surprise balloon with a note inside. Write a note and put it into a ball, inflate it with helium, tie a string to its pin and leave the door lover. Lopnuv the ball, he finds a note and learns about your feelings. Another option - to publish a paid advertisement in the newspaper, which he usually reads. However, then learns about your feelings for some number of readers. In general, connect the imagination.

5. And the last option declarations of love - it's just to say to the young man's face that you love him.

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