13 eternal questions for couples

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 There are men and women a number of issues that do not give them rest for over a huge amount of time. Responding to thirteen eternal questions in this article, is born in the heart of hope that this will help many to reconsider their attitude to the opposite sex and find a worthy mate.

1. Who impresses you from the first seconds? Men in this matter is not particularly zealous. They will want to meet and talk with the girl who at first glance seemed to them pretty, with a good figure and a rich inner world your favorite lady they reward themselves. We can say that the woman in the first place pays attention to the well-groomed man with a good sense of humor.

2. Who can interest you and keep near him for a long time? Man is not picky, woman for it to be interesting in communication and desirable in bed. But the women in this matter is very whimsical. The longer they are familiar with the man, the more they want from him. This is about the list: kind, intelligent, romantic, affectionate, reliable, friendly ... This list usually lasts indefinitely.

3. From whom did you try to stay away? The answer to this question is obvious. Men prefer to get round a fatal beauty, it is often scandalous and hamovatye person. For women, the exact "no" to hear arrogant and narcissistic male nerds, as well as unattended just stay wealthy men who rave about their position in society. It always scares the weaker sex, especially the part that is configured for a serious relationship.

4. Your actions in the conquest of the partner, how you behave? To win your favorite girl, men can do almost everything, not sparing no effort or money. Woman basically does some nonsense, and often does not know how to behave with her cute boyfriend. Therefore, any man reacts positively to all the stupidity, or not pay attention to them.

5. What are you going to keep your partner? Men do all the same, and that the conquest of the girls - all. But the woman is trying to be quiet and obedient, it becomes soft and fluffy.

6. What can be the most enjoyable activities partner in bed? The answer to this question is unfortunately not possible, since it is very individual Someone who likes to take the initiative in their hands, while others enjoy their inaction, so the most important - is the ability to understand each other's needs.

7. What would be the most terrible actions of the partner in bed? There is nothing more terrible for men than women, chattering during sex. Bad actress depicting fun, just cause negative feelings. Women will not be happy snoring heard immediately after sex. Still there is one mistake often committed by men - they are trying to satisfy or arouse all women equally.

8. On whose initiative terminate the relationship? Most often occurs as follows: a man brings a woman, and she says the crucial phrase.

9. The main reasons for termination of the relationship? For men - it is usually boredom and betrayal. -Being For women, boredom and a sense of unrealized.

10. What is wound on the relationship boredom? Men are bored with understandable woman who has left him for no mystery at all. The woman begins to miss the abundance of good behavior and attitudes of men towards her, her dull daily gifts that lose their meaning because of its abundance.

11. Why are you afraid of loneliness? Men basically are not afraid of being alone. This fear is inherent in women and is inspired by the instinct of procreation.

12. The most pleasant compliments? Men love to be praised for all (imaginable and unimaginable), they need nothing more. Women in this matter demanding. They need a sea of ​​compliments, and they will all be for them the most enjoyable.

13. What is a declaration of love you want to hear? For men, it does not matter how or what he will say in the recognition. The main thing that it was the only one from which he is mad. A woman wants to hear only words - words about starting a family and having children, very sincerely and gently spoken.

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