10 rules of "taming" it to the farm

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 "Women's happiness - would have been nice there ..." - sung at the well-known song. But any happiness can turn into a nightmare if all the hardships of family life lie only on fragile female shoulders. How to get the second half of support in daily economic affairs?

So it turns out that when a woman wants to have a number of man-mate, then it has to bear and raise. But any woman would like to see it was her husband shared with her all the hardships of life. Is it possible to teach his men in domestic affairs, and most importantly, how to do it?

1. Strike while the iron is hot. Schooling men to the economy is better to start from the first days of life together. Gather the family council, and assign responsibilities for two. Do not try to demand from him something. Need to ask a loving, respectful tone in which the slide notes of helplessness. Remember that the main thing - to start. Then it will be possible to increase the load on the man's shoulders.

2. Rule compromise. Listen carefully to his point of view about the household chores and try to charge the works that he wishes to perform. It is not necessary to impose what he hates, because instead of helping you get only a negative attitude towards the fulfillment of all orders and return to the "original" - he generally can refuse to perform all cases. Act wisely. Take on the hated his duties, and he was offered to do what is hateful to you.

3. Formulate instructions clearly. Men do not have the patience to listen to the end of ornate surveys about the overall severity of the female share and diffuse the concept of "household help." Want to help? Tell me clearly what and how it should be done.

4. Deliver your request on the details. Concise, clearly formulated request will be made faster, because it is clear and in advance "paints" the picture of the final result. Therefore, the highlight of her most important and make a phrase so that it is, in essence, was like a polite order.

5. Do not forget the "instructions". If your man does not understand what you want from him, make a to-do list with a full indication of what needs to be done and in what sequence. For example, instructs him to wash? Shall describe clearly that where to sleep what underwear to throw first, how much time you need to wash this linen etc. Remember - the bigger instructs the case, the details should be step by step instructions.

6. Leave your advice to yourself. You entrusted him with some business and gave clear instructions? All, get away from it and do not meddle with their advice. Let your opinion he does not, but it does the same. If he needs advice - he asked him to, and your continued walking on his heels will show that you do not trust him and do not appreciate his efforts.

7. Joint work in common. Try to do most of the cases together - so your relationship will only be strengthened. Another plus partnership deals that you will always have time to communicate with each other, because it is after the start of life together sorely lacking couples.

8. Praise, praise and praise again. Remember that a kind word and a cat is nice. Your man is implementing a new role - the role of her husband. Therefore, each of its business, as it were inferior it may be done, should be rewarded with praise. This will give him the impetus for new achievements, and he will be more willing to perform their duties.

9. Say "Yes" modern technology. If the job can be made easier - do it. It's one thing to wash dishes hands and quite another - click on the dishwasher. Agree, it will save much more time and effort not only your man but you.

10. The holy right to rest. If you do not want to make the everyday life "milled" your relationship making you slaves - stop. Give rest to themselves and to her husband. Fishing with friends or watching a football match does not happen so often to deprive a soul mate that. Arrange the holidays "doing nothing." And let these days has created a centimeter dust deposits accumulated in the sink or slide dishes, all you do is make up ... then.

The woman - the nature of the patient creation. Stick if the first attempt failed to "transform" your man. Remember that patience and a little effort, and love, and all can work wonders.

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