Why do you need the car, my dear?

Why do you need the car, my dear?
 How many jokes focused on women driving. Men used to think that the fair sex, this problem can not afford. But it is men who get into serious accidents, usually due to excessive speed.

Men usually skeptical about women driving. That, however, is groundless. According to statistics in the crash gets 96% of the female. That is, almost every voditelnitsa once visited the accident. Men get into accidents more rarely, only 71% of them at least once become perpetrators of an accident. But that's only the women involved in road traffic accidents minor ending scratches on the body, and men pose serious accident. Why is this happening?

Because women have accidents mainly due to uncertainty in the correctness of their actions, and men, on the contrary - overconfidence. Therefore, the first act cautiously, and the second - no. Against the background of these statistics in a strange way to continue to believe that the woman behind the wheel - it's a disaster. Practice shows quite the opposite. And if this is the main argument to not give the woman to drive - it is rather weak.

For most women, the orientation developed worse than men. Hence the eternal confusion with and parties. Nevertheless, there are ladies who brilliantly cope with such problems differ quick response and are great drivers. In the end, there are even special courses for women, where we are working on the psychological aspect - namely, the fear of doing something wrong. So before you put a veto on buying a car, it is better to help his companion to master driving skills (if she has not already done), and then draw conclusions.

And women, in turn, need to carefully examine the details and rules maneuvering on the roads - the majority of accidents, in which they get to occur because of this.

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