Whether men are afraid of feminists?

Whether men are afraid of feminists?
 Full gender equality allows women to hold the typical male profession and fulfill the requirements, which have traditionally been presented only to men. By strong floor believes that if the equality, the only complete, that is, the absence of any concessions to all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Men perceive feminism as women whim. Women want to live in a world where you can fully realize themselves. But the need to nurture children and the duty to continue to make the life of the weaker sex from men to demand collateral. If your partner does not feel this, and does not meet the requirements, the woman takes matters into their own hands, hence there was feminism.

Men are well aware that feminism - it's just a mask that fits over women when they discover that the beloved does not justify their hopes. When no one to lean on, but something should be done - in order to change the situation.

In modern civilized society, women do not have a place to feel natural and relaxed. They are forced to work, as well as men, besides, they kept the family and household. The result is that they are exhausted and irritated. Ladies forced to engage in international and domestic problems, now they do not entertain any illusions, and take matters into your own hands. The modern woman is different autonomy and independence.

When the fairer sex inspire yourself that it is strong, and all will be able to cope with everything, it just need to be independent of men. Those afraid of strong women, because they may well do without them, and do not like feminists, because they humiliate their self-esteem. Men do not tend to understand that women's entrepreneurial spirit came not because of this woman wanted to, but because she had no other choice.

Women want equality, but can not realize their ideas about themselves right the world due to lack of strength, and a man does not know what is required and where it should aspire. Therefore, a woman and a man will always need each other. But the little weakness and subconscious desire to change the world and encourage women to change a man. In men, this little whim causes a feeling of fear, because they are, and so satisfied with the current state of affairs.

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