What to say on a first date

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 Whether it's the girl with the experience of relationship or even naive damsels, all arise excitement at the thought of talking about on a first date. There are many rules of behavior at the first meeting, but the topic of conversation you have to pick your own. There are some good topics that you can discuss with their "souped" cavalier.
 The theme of the first - a conversation with the same interests

You may be familiar with recent and still do not know much about each other, so this topic will be relevant. Try to gently ask, what in his spare time he likes to spend your friend. It should not be like an interrogation, let him speak, and then when you find common points or really interested, feel free to ask.

If a guy is shy, try to start my story and thus escape from the awkward silence. But know here abroad. You should never tell a man about his purely women's interests in all its details. It is unlikely that it will be interesting beading or crochet.

The theme of the second - on

Very touchy subject, but you can try and strike up a conversation about it. Do not pester questions his friend, if he does not tell you all the details. Maybe he just does not want to discuss it.

The theme of the third - the silence

The joke, of course, but if you suspect that a meeting will be held intense, it is better to spend it in the movies. There's no need to talk, you can just enjoy the movie. Besides, after watching the story and the acting will be a great topic for discussion.

Council Chatterbox: on the first date do not need to reveal all the secrets of his heart - you simply can not understand or scared. Try to keep the mystery. The guy will be meeting can be very shy, and if he keeps silent, do not assume the worst at once, and try to find out carefully you are interested in moments and bring your Silent on the conversation.

If the first meeting did not go very smoothly, but he calls you and offers to see again, the decision is yours. If you do not want to continue to communicate, it is best to accurately report it. If there is, after weighing all the past mistakes, you can now choose the right subject.

Importantly, dear girl - be by themselves, do not try to sound smarter or stupider. Behave naturally, and your first date goes well.

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