Three hated man sexual ideas

Three hated man sexual ideas
 Sexual fantasies - a delicate subject. Usually partners are going to meet each other to try something new, but some of the ideas that have been tested in practice, may not like someone one. In this case, it is important to tell a partner about it to further misunderstanding arose.

In general, women's and men's fantasies about sex are somewhat different, but that does not prevent the partners enjoy each other's ideas. There are some scenarios where someone is dissatisfied with the outcome of the experiment. In this case, discuss the incident may not have the idea was a failure, namely some specific aspects of its implementation. It happens that people do not like certain things, but it is not associated with features typical of the representatives of a particular sex.

For example, consider three sexual ideas proposed by a partner who is not enthused by her partner.

Sexy massage with stones. Massage stones preheated in a bowl with water, it was necessary to apply to certain areas of the body. There were two sides of the stone - flat and with tubercles. Massage can be done with hot and cold water. At the same stones are heated or cooled down quickly from the body. The woman was pleased with the experiment, she said that, despite the fact that hand massage using oil more pleasant, but she also liked the stones. Her partner had a very different impression of the experiment. According to him, massage with stones do not disconnect the voltage. Sensations of temperature it is also not pleased - either too hot or too cold. He was unhappy with the experiment.

Blindfold. Couple tried this game: alternately tying each other's eyes and tying her hands to the bed, they caressed each other, trusting your partner's body. Here, a woman and a man, too, have experienced mixed feelings. Partner recognized that this sexual fantasy she found a great response. She was completely relaxed and sensuality with eyes closed escalated to the limit. She gave herself completely process and experienced the pleasure of going on. Partner expressed an entirely different opinion. According to him, associate partner and close her eyes he liked it, but when he is in a passive position, it was not nearly as interesting. For it was very important to watch his caresses a woman, but with her eyes closed and being bound, he felt almost rejection.

Abstinence - another fantasy to which the man responded not very happy. Partner suggested at the time the monthly refuse sex, despite the fact that they do not usually hurt. A week later, the pair had sex, and she admitted that her feelings intensified. According to her, sex was much more passionate. Partner is little difference in the attraction did not notice, stating that the forced, though voluntary, self-control was for him not the best sexual experience. The difference between sex and abstinence until after he thinks not.

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