Someone chosen by men?

Someone chosen by men?
 By what criteria do men choose their life partner? This question and to this day remains a mystery to the fairer sex. After all, there are cases when a beautiful and intelligent women linger in the "old maid" and "gray mouse" successfully marry the first time.

The most common is the assertion that a man chooses a girl like his mother. Although many women who have been unlucky-in-law, trying to argue with that. The legitimate wife in men is associated with care and comfort, so the image of the mother in this situation plays a prominent role. It will seek to ensure that his family relationships were similar to the attitudes of parents.

But there is also a completely opposite situation. If the relationship in his family were in conflict, the man chooses his wife exact opposite of her mother. He hopes that his wife will correct the errors committed by her that when he was a child. For example, if a child was raised by his nurse, and he lacked parental attention, he will seek to find a girl who will give him attention.

Many men have the ideal girl, who are trying to find. But they can not always achieve liked ladies and operate on the principle of "Take that hand." After some time, the men begin to understand that mistake and trying to drive his narrowed the scope of the ideal, what happens very rarely. And then disappointed in her.

Men clearly divide women into two categories: those that enjoy spending time, and those on which you can then get married. The former are generally among the ladies who easily agree on all offers. But the second - a modest and quiet girl who take a man with all its shortcomings.

Every girl needs a good cook. This convinced almost all are males. It will be much more likely to get married if she economical. The image of women as keepers of home comfort, is still quite common. Therefore, most men do not need vigorous and energetic business woman, who constantly do not have time.

In the girl should be submissive. Then the man will feel a defender beside his beloved. This would greatly increase his self-esteem, and you just need a little girl to play along, and gently bring the man to the right decision.

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