Secure online dating

Secure online dating
 Internet has taken a firm place in our lives - it is a source of information and a platform for creativity and a means of entertainment, as well as a source of communication and dating. The dizzying pace of modern life leaves no time for a man live chat. Good or bad, but many adults prefer to seek your other half is in the vast World Wide Web. How to make acquaintance through the Internet safe?

Different people have different ideas about security - for some it is personal integrity, for others - the protection of confidentiality of information. The main danger of online dating - mismatch "e" way of human reality. And it is, of course, not only in appearance - sometimes over the Internet trying to build relationships with people different mental disorders, and just with bad intentions. Also, your appearance on a dating site can be a cause for ridicule colleagues and acquaintances, spiteful critics. So it makes sense not to neglect the simple rules of safety:

1. Confidentiality of personal information. Try not to spread in open access their personal data. Last name, phone number, place of residence, work or study, the number of machines - on all this information, you can track down the man. The hardest thing to a mobile phone, because it is mainly used for communication, so if you can, do not let your main number, get a second SIM card.

2. Safety photo. If possible, do not lay out the site a lot of photos from different angles. In general, the safest thing is not "open face" throughout the Internet community - you can share photos from personal communication with the pleasant conversationalist.

3. Check the adequacy of the interlocutor. Will help to ensure the safety and elementary conversation (correspondence) with the pleasant man. Be sure to note if the person really focuses on some topics that brings them any conversation, says you remind him of someone talks about his complexes or phobias. This can be a clear indication of mental disorder or pathological zakompleksovannosti.

3. Check the individual. It is desirable at the stage of communication through the Internet to find out - whether or not the man for whom she claims - there will check ICQ numbers, e-mail, personal pages on social networks. If the data diverge significantly, it is not necessary to agree to a meeting with that person to ascertain the reasons for this behavior.

4. Security of personal meetings. This is a basic condition for your personal safety. Appointments in crowded places - cinema, cafes, bustling boulevards. The best time - day or night nepozdno. Do not agree to go on a visit (or take a man at), walk through the deserted streets, parks and even more to go with a stranger to the country.

Compliance with these basic rules does not protect 100% of unwanted acquaintances, but will avoid the most obvious threats.

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