Repair crumbling love

Repair crumbling love
 Love, like any other feeling, can result. If you become aware of it before the relationship was severed, rejoice, restore the old sensations possible. But this will require the efforts of two people. Therefore, the problem Speak with your partner. And if he will support you, start to repair crumbling love.
 Feelings are rarely disappear in a moment. We can say almost never. Therefore, in the intensive care unit of your love you still have time. First of all, give up the life in your relationship. It was he who kills the most pure feelings. Do not make your meetings mundane, give up routine, even if you live together. For starters, you can go on vacation. Of course, it should be done only for two. No children, friends, relatives. You need to be alone and to break away from all the worries.

Needless resuscitation feelings go to a heavenly place such as Bali or Cyprus. And suitable holiday home, located near your city. Most importantly, you do not have to deal with household chores there, to be able to relax and enjoy each other. If possible do not go on vacation, you can go to rest on the weekends.

Let the romance in your feelings. Arrange an unforgettable evening, say compliments, give gifts. Try to behave differently than you behave normally. Women can add a bit of mystery to re-enchant a man. Do not forget that the stronger sex by nature hunters and won mining is not so important to them. Become again the mysterious stranger, and feelings will come back.

Sex - a mandatory component of love. Do not deny your sweetheart a night of joy. On the contrary, they make diversity. You can purchase special accessories, play role-playing games, to have sex in a new place for you. Not complex, relax, to get the maximum pleasure. If you want to cause a strong desire to use natural aphrodisiacs: mint, asparagus, mustard seeds, bananas, celery, coffee and others.

As often as possible talk with a partner. Ask him questions, discuss the previous day. Many couples are strangers to each other because of that cease to carry on conversations. Try to avoid this sad fate. Ask questions, discuss problems, be together as often as possible. Renew your feelings can help real intimacy, mental and physical.

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