How to get him to kiss me

How to get him to kiss me
 For centuries, little girls say that man - the stronger sex, that the initiative should always come from them. But in fact, it happens that some guys are very shy, and you must somehow they hint that it is not against the kiss.
 Young people should understand that you will really enjoy it. Perhaps because of any doubts or respect for you time it with a kiss. You must help him to feel close to you comfortable, confident and at ease. Flirt, flirt, laugh at his jokes. Seeing your positive attitude, he will believe in themselves and dare to kiss you.

In the process of communication often have small misfortunes. If people like each other, they are sometimes difficult to overcome fear touch each other. Proceed broke, Take him by the hand, accidentally hug, touch his shoulder. Do it as if by chance. The barrier will be destroyed. Tactility only brings people together.

Hold your gaze on his lips - is the brightest signal and call for a kiss.

Reduce the distance. The smaller the distance between you, the more likely that you kiss a guy. If you're a girl strong, and all the action takes place somewhere on the dance floor, you can dance with him so close that your face and lips touching his face, but control yourself, do not try to rip a welcome kiss from his lips. Wait a moment - if a girl is nice guy, he does not resist such a temptation.

Try to talk to him. If a guy does not understand your subtle hints, then provoke him to talk. Ask him about the first kiss: how and when it happened, his feeling. Can share your impressions, tell us how you prefer to kiss. If all else fails, ask him to kiss you.

In the end, we live in times of equality, so if you want to do something, then do not waste your time - kiss it themselves. There is nothing terrible in the fact that the girl was the first to take the initiative. At least you can say so about himself and his sympathy for the young man.

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