How to be stronger men

How to be stronger men
 In our century, many emancipated women are trying to cope with the problems on their own, without male assistance. Maybe because they do not trust men. How to become a strong woman?
 The very first rule of independent women - is its financial independence. Having a prestigious job that pays well, you will be able to secure a decent living. You do not have to beg for her husband or lover money to buy a new dress or ask them for a gift earrings. You earn and spend themselves. You do not have to report where the left one or the other amount. Man can not reproach you in unnecessary spending. Even if your relationship discord, you do not need to endure a number of former favorite just because of the fact that it includes you. At any time you can leave without fear of being left with nothing.

Financial independence gives you the freedom of choice. You can plan your vacation to purchase tickets, travel around the world. Or you can help friends, relatives who need your care and attention.
To become strong, you have to learn to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. You must learn to solve problems and be able to experience serious hardships. A strong woman is not raskisnet from what she has problems at work. Maybe she will cry, but it will be at home. And in humans, it will look dignified and confident. It will solve their problems, what would it it is not worth it.

 Another strong woman - is the one that does not betray. It can rely and children, and friends, and men. She never substitute. And here it does not matter if it takes a high position or a housewife. If she promises, be sure to fulfill his promises. But she had to comply. She distinguishes between good people and scum. And never will assist the latter.

To become a strong woman needs a lot of work on themselves. And here, in addition to fostering a sense of responsibility, determination, demanding to themselves and others, plays an important role to maintain yourself in good shape. In addition, a strong woman should always look perfect, so it is very important to develop a good taste and sense of style.

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