How to avoid silence on the phone

How to avoid silence on the phone
 Awkward pause in the conversation on the phone talking about the fact that one of the interlocutors discussed topic quite interesting. And instead to fill this pause formulaic and banal questions to answer them, it is necessary to change the subject. And change it so that it was interesting is your friend. How do you find such a topic?
 Ask questions
Have you noticed that during the awkward silence on the phone, a voice inside of you constantly asking tough questions, "and then I said? "," What he think of me? And so on. But why listen to this voice and engage in self-abasement, if you can use it for their own purposes.

Ask this question to the other party. For example, if there was a pause after your long monologue about the virtues of early works by Caravaggio, ask a friend, whether he likes Caravaggio. If not, then ask about their interests, what he likes, and you will find a topic that is of interest to both.

Lay out their views
In some cases, an awkward silence may occur due to your fault. For example, the other person has just said something that does not show you interesting. Of course, in order to continue the conversation, it is necessary to change the subject interesting for both of you. But do not leave without stories interlocutor replicas.

You should not only listen but also speak. Perhaps the source is waiting for your advice, or simply complicity. Give him what he expects and only then change the subject. But be careful and moderate tips. From the mouth of a person unfamiliar tips may sound like criticism, and criticism, as we know, no one likes.

Follow the basic rules of communication
It may be that your partner just offended that you regularly interrupting him. Never interrupt the interlocutor, let him finish. Pay attention to that on which the source emphasized - this will avoid silence at the end of his monologue. Encourage your buddy stories short remarks like "I agree" or "all right."

Be interesting
The moment came an awkward pause, you can make up a story to tell. But much better sides perceive stories from your own life. Needless to say? Then engaged in what it would be interesting to tell - read books, attend exhibitions concerts, more often among people. In this case, you can always reserve interesting stories.

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