First sexual experience: fears and prejudices

First sexual experience: fears and prejudices
 The youth of today are not waiting for the execution of eighteen years, and especially marriage, and experimenting in sex, guided only by their desires. But experienced people believe that intimacy at an early age should be avoided.

The modern world has ceased to be rich purely moral principles, as in Soviet times and in tsarist Russia, when they said that "no sex". On the front pages of newspapers, fashion magazines can contemplate the naked female body, and it does not bother anyone. A lot of literature devoted to the intimate relations between men and women. The younger generation quite aware of the dangers and benefits of sex. But not every teenager knows the necessary information about the first sexual experience, especially for girls and young women.

Every girl dreams of a prince with whom she will be the happiest and the most beloved. Most often the first experience of going on with ignorant about sexual intimacy young people. And rarely pairs stay together for a long time, and only about family and marriage and the dream is not worth it.

There is no need of young girls for sex, there is a need only clean and deep feelings, and to achieve such, you should not have sexual intercourse with a person whom you do not know well enough. Any relationship built on mutual respect, which later became the foundation of the family and marriage.

Girls are afraid for the first time to enter into a sexual relationship, and rightly so. After all, from the consequences of a failed sexual experience they suffer. Young people just want to satisfy their desire and pleasure girl goes by the wayside. Arousal in women - a complex process, and ignorant person can not bring the girl to orgasm. The question arises: "Is it worth it at all to have sex with a man who thinks only of himself? ".

Currently, the majority of young people do not want to be protected contraceptives, they feel that they do not get the expected satisfaction. But she must not think about men's satisfaction, it is necessary to think about their health.

Who came up with that at first sexual intercourse girl can not get pregnant? This is pure prejudice, because such cases are quite common. So you should get to know the partner before giving it without the rest, because in the future the first sexual act will play an important role in your life.

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