Sex Etiquette

Sex Etiquette
 In any book of good manners you will not find recommendations how men and women behave during love dating and intimate encounters. If a guest at a dinner party or a secular party behavior is strictly regulated, the date on everyone hopes only on intuition, personal experience or on the advice of friends. Check out the sex etiquette to avoid mistakes and embarrassing situations.

No need to rush things on the first day of our acquaintance, and hung on the neck of his companion. It is not necessary to enter into an intimate relationship, if you do not know the name and address of the partner. Give yourself and him time to think, take a time-out if there is something troubling in the behavior of the partner. Doubting something better to do than sorry.

At the first meeting, do not dress too provocatively. Otherwise you are a fan provoke to action. But dressed as a nun, you can flush out the gentleman. Find the middle ground.

If you do not mind sex - think about safety. Safe sex in our time - the current requirement to yourself and your partner. Use condoms until you know each other better. Only hardly your favorite take care of them. He's ready for you to get the moon, but that's about such a "trifle" can forget. Take care of yourself about security, at least for the first time. In the future, if you do not plan the baby, divide the cost of contraceptives in half.

If you do not want to be misunderstood by your partner, do not wear underwear or causing a leather bra on the first date. Choose something elegant and beautiful. In the future, if you like spice in sex, buy something special for yourself. It is desirable that the choice made partner.

If you can not meet at home or with a partner, give him solve this problem. Let him think, which should be your sexy rendezvous.

Too strong emotions and passions that expression is inappropriate, except if you are present in the apartment people. In houses with thin walls neighbors too will not be in awe of expressive moans and screams.

Refrain from observations and comments about his sexual advantages in an ironic way. It is better to make a compliment. Do not ask the details of his previous novels.

Do not turn the bedroom into the room to discuss the work, friends, problems at work, etc. Of course, the beautiful half of humanity likes to talk, but do not remind your loved after sex that you have again broken faucet and it must be repaired.

Do not imitate orgasm. Men are able to distinguish real orgasm from his simulation. But even if you know how to skillfully pretend to enjoy sex, you still do not get it. Then what's the point pretend?

It is not necessary in the case of "misfires" to show their displeasure partner or vice versa - too active to comfort him.

All sorts of innovations and know-how require a special approach and sensitivity. Of course, not every man admits he's afraid of heights, if you decide to have sex with him on the roof of a nine-house. He simply cease to meet you. Introducing such innovations only by mutual consent, when it will begin to feel and understand your partner.

Do not use sex as a punishment. Sex is not an instrument of manipulation partner.

If the relationship for some reason did not work, and you broke up with your partner, give yourself a word - nothing bad to talk about the future of the beloved former cavalry. Start your new love story with a clean slate.

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