Experience: hinders or helps Relations

Experience: hinders or helps Relations
 Some people secretly believe in the existence of his "second half". When it comes to love, there is the idea that this is the most ideal. But what if then comes the disappointment? How to turn the pain of lived experience to their advantage?

Disappointment, pain, betrayal and betrayal, separation - the links of one chain called "bitter experience." After experiencing such a person is faced with a series of disturbing questions soul.

And the first question that arises is: "help or hinder the experience of a previous relationship? ". The answer lies in your attitude to the fact of the relationship ended, whatever they may be, and the possibility to enter into a new relationship.

If the old relationship helped you understand what it is you want in the union, and suggested exactly how this can be achieved, or vice versa, what not to do, that this experience will be considerable support in the following ways.

If the incident has awarded you a lot of complexes, led to fear new relationships, as it is likely to go through the same thing, that their attitude to the consequences of that experience should be urgently reviewed.
Even if you have experienced a negative experience, console yourself with the thought that it was over! If you find it hard to go through it yourself, consult a psychologist, but do not ride their fears, because they can turn into a phobia.

The main thing is not to hurry and do not try to immediately "like cures knock". Give yourself time to recover to normal and recover from the incident. Listen to yourself and understand what has changed in you. Are you afraid to start a new relationship because you think that all members of the opposite sex the same? Think about it, do you copy a lecherous neighbor or neighbor? No? So where did you get that from one man all the rest become as?

Remember that the next partner - it is not a clone of the previous! He is a unique person, it is not necessary to subject all over his actions and run at the first hint of copying former partner. Your experience will provide you with a service, if you will take each person as an individual and not to hang upon him the sins of others, but it will be remembered, and his mistakes in the relationship, not to step twice on the same rake.

If the experience becomes a cause for alarm, since you are trying to "look into the future", think, and whether to constantly try to anticipate the situation? Given that it is impossible in principle, such a lesson - just a waste of time. Hence, it will be easier to perceive themselves and others, if you try to live in the present.

The main goal of any relationship - the harmony based on mutual understanding. Experience from previous relationships - another step towards a better understanding of the partner. Appreciate yourself, respect your partner and do not try to "sew" the old label to the new relationship.

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