Dependence on men

Dependence on men
 Rarely in a relationship two people are completely equal in all areas relating to their life together. Most often, one has a great responsibility in certain activities, and the other - in the other. For example, women are more likely to pay more time raising children, and a man - making money, but, of course, is not always. Each family is individual. Dependence on men occurs when one of the partners, and most often it is the woman, sacrifices his own desires and needs, putting the priority needs of the partner.

Often women who neglect their own goals, justified by the fact that they do so for the sake of the family, sometimes referred to other causes. At heart, she believes that is worthy of consideration for such behavior is that it will appreciate and love more. But in real life everything is not so. Dependence on men - what it is and what are its causes?

Many women absorb from childhood stereotypical image of a good wife is obedient, sacrificing himself for the sake of her husband and family. It is quiet and submissive, but it was such a woman is said to fall into the trap of emotional woman, a man will appreciate more than anything else. How big is their surprise when things are going in life is not so. The fact that the relationships are not possible without the two partners to be equal. If one is a leader, it does not mean that someone's interests are infringed. Happy family without equality is impossible.

To get rid of the current dependence on men, the first thing you will be examined in itself. Ask yourself a few questions. If you write down or otherwise record the results of their thinking, it may be useful in the future. Emotional dependence - a complex psychological problem, do not expect that it can be handled in one day, having to do it in the afternoon. Ask yourself about what are the reasons that you allow yourself to ignore? What do you get? How do you treat a child's parents? Are you afraid of losing her husband? How Come? Why do not you do as you want?

Do not be fooled. You will become understood about self far more after such a frank conversation. Do not blame yourself, do not reproach or scold for the "wrong" behavior. Accept that you have already made these mistakes, and now is the time to fix them. Begin to live their own lives.

The next step - immerse yourself in childhood. Remember that you are the most severely affected, what things have formed such an attitude to life? Perhaps you are afraid that you will be angry that you will not like? A woman may fear that her husband will be upset, just like a child when she was afraid that her parents would be punished. But now you've grown. You can stand up for themselves.

Start doing what you are interested in. Perhaps you have always dreamed to draw or sing? It's time to remember these dreams and begin to implement them. Remember that you are an adult independent person. Find a support. Start doing what you dictate your needs, and in time you will understand yourself. Realize what you need, try to do it, and eventually you will be able to develop the way you want your personality.

When you begin to work on yourself, the relationship that most likely will start to level off. Remember that without understanding and equality is impossible to create a full-fledged strong relationship.

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