Call me, call: how to get a loved one?

Call me, call: how to get a loved one?
 Once the mobile phone has become a constant companion of almost every citizen not only metropolis, but also the small towns and villages, communication between people is much easier. It is enough to dial a number and hear the voice of a person. By using this means of communication can even return a loved one, only it should be done wisely.
 If a person is badly hurt and you do not want to send sms. Write that they were wrong, and really want to see you and explain everything. Be sure to add that whatever decision he took no, you treat him with respect. You may need more than one message, and two - three. Do not rush a loved one, let passion subside a little. If your partner is still cherishes relations, after a while he will definitely call and make an appointment. And if your phone is stubbornly silent, perhaps resentment became only a pretext for a long time to complete the boring relationship. And in this case, no calls and SMS will not help bring back a loved one. Better to try to forget it and go in search of this second half.

If you have left, but the feelings do not go, start companionship. In the process it becomes clear whether the former misses on relations with you for a long time and forgot about them. The perfect excuse to start a conversation - to congratulate the person on the holiday. You can use any - birthday, February 23, New Year, even the day Russia. Call us and let us know what kind wishes. Then ask how things were going, what the former partner as conducting evening. Suggest to talk, go to the movies or cafes. Talk smoothly and quietly, do not show emotion. Let people make sure you are not configured to swear and sort things out. Then he will definitely agree on a date. And maybe love will come back again to your pair.

The most common mistake made by the abandoned girl phone "terrorism". The former do not give time to calmly reflect on the situation. They are prevented from constant calls, messages, shouts into the phone and saying claims. To do so in any case not worth it. Such behavior would lead to a final rupture of relations and provoke him in the event that the young man doubted continue communication or not.

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