A few nuances that women find sex boring

A few nuances that women find sex boring
 The man is boring lover, not only a bad candidate for a husband, but a bad partner, even for single-sex. As a result, various surveys among women has compiled a list of some features of male behavior in bed that women feel sad and dull.

1. Excessive caution

Man, constantly asks her sexual partner permission to do something in the bed, soon begins to cause irritation. Skilled lover and without words is able to convey to women their intentions, for example, with the help of passionate touch.

2. Complete predictability

In the context of long-term relationships sex sooner or later begins to turn into a routine. Crazy passion is gradually disappearing, dulled the sharpness of sexual experiences. Dull sex is inevitable, if the course will not go out various experiments. For example, the same sex toys can revitalize intimacy and again inject a novelty items.

3. Mechanical sex

Without passion and feelings sex turns into the usual satisfaction of physiological needs. But does not necessarily make every proximity stunning, it also can tire. Just do not forget that every woman needs, above all, attention. Therefore, a little more than a long and varied than usual prelude to turn her into having sex lovemaking.

4. Lack of romance

If the relationship had time to settle, in addition to the passion of them may disappear and romance. A man stands in this case to surprise your beloved manifestation of tenderness with his hand. This can be a nice gift or a romantic dinner. Woman will appreciate the efforts and wants to respond in kind, for example, arranging exquisite surprise in bed.

5. bored conditions

Sex in the same room in the same bed very soon get bored. However, this problem can be solved very easy - you just need to change the place, for example, try to make love in the bathroom or on the kitchen table.

6. Excessive emotionality

Very loud moaning, growling and bellowing, and verbiage in bed quickly bored even a very patient woman. However, complete silence during sex as much knocks attitude. It is advisable to choose a middle ground.

7. Unwillingness to experiment

The best cure for boredom in bed - new positions, role-playing, etc. Women do not expect beloved supernatural miracles. But a little effort on the part of men, attached to a little surprise favorite, will only strengthen the relationship.

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