Vamp: a gift of fate or punishment

Vamp: a gift of fate or punishment
 A woman always stand out male gaze. It attracts, fascinates bright charm, and its image is firmly sits in the head and heart of fans. She wants to have, but received a vamp as a life partner, a man unwittingly acknowledges that it will not be easy.

First of all, you will envy - because your fiancee to the extent bright and confident that under her power to break hearts and change the fate of men. However, it is so natural, that sometimes it seems that such a fatal lady does not even realize the power of their attention. And this unattainable fortress got for you!

In the process of living together in such a woman can learn a lot. The first thing that is worthy of imitation, is her confidence. Vamp - is not necessarily beautiful, she's just completely confident in their own strength and beauty.

However, many of its appeal may be too cold. Most often it behaves indifferently, and you will never be able to penetrate into her soul through the impenetrable armor style vamp. Even with such a lady, you will always feel that it is inaccessible.

Alas, the vamp can be a dream for many, but to go with her shoulder to shoulder all the way to the earth dare not every man. Such a nice lady to admire, but after too close contact with her many sharply drawn to women home and "warm". But vamp, commanding the elect hardly let you go, until she did not wish to.

Therefore, the love of such a woman can be a serious challenge. Her sexuality eventually show real punishment, as she spreads her all around. And it is possible that, having won his "trophy" of the stronger sex, this lady realizes that she needs a new hunting and leave without saying goodbye.

In dealing with such a woman should be careful not to allow yourself to lose your head. Be on the lookout: perhaps it has already begun its hunt, and the potential victim - it is you? Therefore admire this cold and unattainable beauty from afar: it will help to protect yourself from injuries and disappointments in the future.

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