The ABCs of colors which give flowers

The ABCs of colors which give flowers
 When choosing a gift bouquets should take into account many factors, including the cost of the composition, its shape and size, shades of buds and so forth. To help in the selection of an experienced florist can, however, still stands on its own to explore some of the features of flower etiquette to be able to find the right option.
 The first thing to take into account the sex of the person to whom you are giving flowers. Women can give a variety of compositions except stressed male, and the choice of colors will likely depend on the occasion and aged ladies. Men bouquets have their own characteristics: they tend to differ elongated shape and rich shades buds. Men are not supposed to present flowers delicate pastel tones, but perfectly suited maroon, blue, red, purple, yellow buds. If you want to give a luxurious men's gift - Hand basket of flowers or bouquet, tied a ribbon to the bottle of expensive drink. Traditionally considered male flowers gladioli and irises, but can also give roses, asters, peonies, carnations and chrysanthemums.

The second criterion - age. It is especially important to consider when choosing colors for women. Little girl giving small bright or colorful bouquets. A young teenage girls is appropriate to present flowers delicate colors: white, pink, cream. Young women presented with exquisite bouquets of roses, orchids, asters, chrysanthemums, and so on., Moreover, red flowers should serve only lover. Women aged recommended handing flowers saturated colors, such as burgundy.

Should be considered as an excuse. Generally, the solemnity of the event, the more luxurious bouquet should be. However, we must not forget about the peculiarities of some reasons. For example, the wedding is better not to bring a great song, as newlyweds and so will give a lot of flowers, and the more the composition, the harder it will be to find a suitable place for her in a restaurant. If you want to congratulate a friend or relative with the birth of the baby, instead of a large bouquet bring a small but exquisite. But on the anniversary can present great luxury composition.

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