Terms of tantric sex

Terms of tantric sex
 What is this mysterious thing is this - tantric sex? Some say that it is a spiritual practice associated with sexual contact partners, others - it's just a very sensual form of sexual pleasure. What is it really and how to master the secrets of Oriental sages to make your nights out of the ordinary series of reciprocating movements in the magical dance of love and passion?

Tantric sex - is, first of all, focus on your partner and the desire to give pleasure to him. In practice tantra sexual intercourse can last from one to ten hours, and must end at the same time very strong orgasm for both partners. The goal here - not to enjoy as soon as possible, and vice versa - to stretch it, bringing joy to his partner.

First of all you need to tune in to each other. Do not rush to go for a partner and tearing off his clothes and sit across from each other at first, and join your breath. Setting breathing is a prerequisite for tantric sex, because only in this way achieved initial closeness men and women. You sit or lie next to listening to your breathing and trying to balance it. Only then can you begin the next step.

At the preliminary steps before the actual sex when partners are set against each other, it may take a few hours. For Europeans, such waste of time seems absolutely impossible, but if your goal - a real tantric sex, you will be able to find time for it to feel your partner properly. By the way, once you start to practice such a rapprochement before sex, you feel how huge difference between what you have done before and what is happening now. United before the sexual contact, you can experience an incomparable feeling of sensuality and gain, which never knew.

The room in which you are going to engage in tantric sex, should be your temple of love. It is not necessary to keep extraneous distracting objects: If the TV or radio, bright magazines and posters, as well as a telephone. Sex, according to Tantra, you need a light melodic music or nature sounds. Such an environment will help you better and liberated themselves to show their emotions as it wants: to laugh, to cry, to scream and moan. What do you do - your own business, do not be shy or complexes about it.

All movement of tantric sex smoothly and slowly. Not allowed anything quick and sharp, as these movements can lead to rapid orgasm, which is not included in your plans. If we are talking about Tantra, you will move slowly and gently, enjoying every touch and a slight turn.

At first it may seem like a difficult and almost impossible, but eventually you learn to control the process and get the most out of it. Believe me, the joy of tantric sex is available to anyone who wishes, it is important to be able to feel your body and listen to your partner. It is in this lies the main secret of a perfect sex.

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