Relationship without quarrels

Relationship without quarrels
 Constant quarrels, scandals, verbal skirmishes can destroy even the strongest relationship. Insults, rude words and bad jokes gradually kill warm and vibrant feelings that lovers reveled in the beginning of the novel. If you want to keep the love for years to come, you should learn how to avoid conflict with your partner and solve problems peacefully.
 Listen to your favorite. According to psychologists, the ability to listen attentively and with interest helps to build a strong relationship. If you constantly take the initiative in the conversation and turned away when the husband transfers conversation on topics close to him, it is worth to change tactics. After all, the best way to show the man how deeply you love him and respect - a genuine interest and admiration. Supporting partners have additional questions, smiles and nods his head.

Discard the criticism. Instead of always loved indicate its shortcomings, often pay attention to his dignity. Women often justify their criticisms of the desire to make a better husband. However, attempts to rehabilitate an adult may end a quarrel, scandal, cooling feeling. "Poking" and attacks provoke a response. No wonder that, instead of paying compliments, men are also beginning to reproach his beautiful mate. If your partner has failed or made a mistake, the best thing you can do - to support it. But you should not rub salt into the wound, accusing him miss.

Not a team. Posing as a family ship captain, you risk severely damage relations. Try to avoid the imperative to communicate with her husband. After all, why ask for help in a polite manner. Do not forget about gratitude - a passionate kiss in this case will be a great addition to a sincere "thank you". If a man does not seek to wash, throw and score, you should not raise a stink with the smashing of crockery and unflattering epithets. Use your sense of humor - the effect of several humorous comments will be much better than nagging irritation.

Accept mistakes. Ability and desire to compromise - an important part of a relationship. Therefore it is necessary to listen to her husband, instead of standing on his to the last. Be able to recognize that you were wrong, and also to ask for forgiveness, if by chance (and even more deliberately) hurt or offended lover.

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