Nothing interesting guy. What to do?

Nothing interesting guy. What to do?
 In the evening, your guy comes home from work, supper, grabs the remote and laid on the couch, pereschelkivaya channels. Sound familiar? You're trying to get him out on a picnic, to the country, on a ski trip - all to no avail. What to do if he does not want to do that?

Let's not start with a pessimistic, "check whether he is alive." In fact, this problem is solved, at least for its decision and will have to exert a lot of effort. To start honestly answer the question: your guy really nothing exciting or not it interesting that interested you? It's two different things! You can offer the guy with rollerblading, going to the pool, to make soap or cross stitching, and when he refuses, then sadly vsplesnete hands: "You really do not care! ". Next - resentment, discord in the relationship, scattered all over the house of your nerve cells.

A man who does not interested in life, in principle, does not exist! Another thing is that if you ask the person on the forehead of his preferences, he can not immediately answer. Remember how hard to fill section of the summary "Hobbies" - the move to paint the points of their passions under the force is not everything. So notice carefully to his young man, you'll notice that he particularly likes. Perhaps your preferences do not match, but you have not exactly be able to say that he is not interested in anything.

Of course, you would like to have been a common activity. Ask a guy what he wanted to do. Do not wait until he have anything to offer himself; Some men do not like to categorical proactive. Maybe he spent whole days lying on the couch, you are silent, and it defaults to imply that you are satisfied with this state of affairs.

Let him know that this is not the case. Offer several options for joint pastime. Let it even be like a football match of his favorite team. Firstly, it will be your joint campaign. Second, then you can tell him that now you can go to, say, the performance of your favorite band. After football it will be difficult to deny you, if it is not quite finished egoist.

Of course, one can not omit the fact that the person is really at some particular point in time may come to nothing to show interest. This happens, for example, in periods of depression. Try to gently talk her boyfriend, but without much pressure. Find out his problems. If you will be grateful listener, can help him advice, support him in a difficult situation, then gradually it will take the blues. He finally find a new taste for life, and you will surely find a lot of his interests.

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