How to survive the separation

How to survive the separation
 Separation, even on its own initiative, very few people come easy. And if you threw, the self-esteem drops to critical values. But we can not stop the development and refuse to communicate with the world. Need to survive the separation and move on.
 Need to give vent to their emotions and crying, this healing process is best done in the bathroom. Better not to have dinner, but to buy a rose and petals to throw into the water. You can sip champagne in the company of her best friend. It will be a celebration of freedom and your goal - to mark it, albeit not very desirable. Tell a friend what he is a bad man. Use any language, which allows you to throw out the emotions and get rid of the pain. Think of all his failures and mistakes, exaggerating them. He spreads socks - now your house is clean, spare the money - so you almost lost nothing, smoking in the toilet - now fresh air in the house. And so on according to your personal list.

 Remember all your dreams, which you had before I met him. And all the goals that you have rejected as inadmissible for non-free women. Go to work strip dancer - please write the book - excellent, it will not interfere with the focus on the work, to defend his dissertation - now you can sit in the library instead of plenty of culinary pleasures, consuming half a day. And on weekends, you can go where you want, and not adjust to it. Wanted to fly to Haiti - a great dream for which you want to work on them and get a better paying job. It's much easier when life is not hamstrung. Dreams are waiting for you, you can become what always wanted.

 You can solve the problem on the principle of "like cures like." Look for a man who will be more suitable for you. It's not just the agency and dating sites. It is also a thematic forums. If you want to change their place of residence, look for a new man in another city or state. Will have the opportunity to learn another language, a new society and other customs. This is very interesting, a new way of life will quickly forget the rupture of relations.

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