How to develop charm

How to develop charm
 There are people who from the very first minutes of dialogue inspire to his location. It seems that they happen constantly interesting encounters, good luck to them all in the life of these lucky people must develop a much simpler than those who are not so fortunate, who deprived the gift of charisma. But psychologists say that there are people who are completely devoid of charm. Become a more attractive person everyone can.
 Imagine: as soon as you appear somewhere, people immediately begin to smile, young children stop crying, and even harsh officials in the performance of their duties, are helpful. Miracles? Not at all. It all depends on you.

The basic difference from the usual charming man - a relationship to the world. Relaxation and a positive attitude can completely change your relationship with others. To check yourself, remember that you feel when you find yourself in an unfamiliar company or a situation in which you do not know how to behave. Virtually all experience stress, begin to worry about the impression they produce.

And how often you before the performance, public speech or an important meeting imagined failure, you podkashivalis feet from fear and anxiety? But even in the worst case, if the event does not go on the scenario, it is still not likely to happen nothing really dreadful.

Your charm is directly dependent on the ability to relax and behave naturally. Observe the behavior of people who know how to win the interlocutors. Most likely, most of the talking, they relaxed smile. They appreciate the interlocutor, treat him kindly, they are open to dialogue. This is manifested including gestures and facial expressions. Open position, no hands crossed on his chest or position "foot to foot", which symbolize the isolation and unwillingness to contact.

If there was an awkward situation, do not dwell on this. Do not stare at the man, do not show the underlined sympathy. If you have got a ridiculous situation yourself, smile, laugh at themselves with them. Do not humiliate or attempt to make amends for the situation with the help of ingratiating words or gestures. If you simply react to what had happened, then just make and surrounding.

To win over a man, be careful to it. Listen to everything that your partner says. To get rid of the embarrassment, turn your attention to your emotions to the person with whom you are communicating. By focusing on the interlocutor, you will notice how much easier it was to talk.

Anyone can become a more charismatic, but it takes practice. Communicate, go to parties, they are satisfied with themselves, participate in contests, do not hesitate to speak in public.

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