How to be a smart woman

How to be a smart woman
 Smart woman showing your mind in everything: in relation to the family and friends, in the organization of its work, raising children, choice of clothes, etc. One of the main advantages of such a woman - confidence. It allows her to feel in all situations at height.
 Woman's mind manifests itself in many aspects of life. For example, the ability to manage their emotions. It allows a woman to always be friendly, positive, open. Such a woman would never allow himself to break someone else. It does not allow himself to rude and insulting words against another person.

Smart woman will affable to all, regardless of their age or social status. In addition, for other people is a very intelligent woman respectfully. She feels the mood of the interlocutor, able to find common themes with anyone, knows how to listen.

Smart woman always watching their appearance. She does not allow herself to appear in public with dirty hair, unkempt nails, etc. Every detail of her clothes sophistication and refined.

Smart woman every day working on them. Working on yourself can be carried out in different ways. Some women wake up early every day to work in front of the swimming pool or make a morning jog. Other every day to educate ourselves, etc. Anyway, every intelligent woman appreciates the time and trying to get done the most useful things for themselves or their loved ones. Respecting their own and other people's time, intelligent woman writes his plans and goals daily.

Also a smart woman always knows what she wants to achieve. She fully believes in himself and listens to his heart. Intelligent woman can not be forced to go on about the other person: she always listens primarily only themselves.

Smart woman will never pretending to be something it is not. It will not flatter to deceive, to dissemble. Also it will be able to say "no" in a situation where it is really needed. What would be a problem not encountered in the life of a smart woman, she always chooses her dignity and be able to take away from any difficult situation the appropriate lessons.

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