How to arrange a romantic evening

How to arrange a romantic evening
 Romantic evening ёsposoben awaken partner passion, desire to revive the fading relationship, help correct a difficult situation, etc. To organize everything at the highest level, you should be well prepared and take into account all the details.
 Choose the right time and place - the best romantic schedule an appointment for one weekend, after sending the kids to grandma and vacate the apartment for the evening. Partner should be warned that there will be a surprise - but do it as a romantic (enclose a note, leave a message with a small gift). If you want to arrange a surprise, then make sure that your spouse plans to come home exactly at the appointed hour.

Prepare an apartment - Decorate the room with flowers, arrange joint photographs, dim slow music, light a candle. Aromatic oils will add to the atmosphere of relaxation and tickle your receptors - Choose exciting, sensual compositions. Bed tuck silk sheets, pour rose petals and throw at the table to the floor warm skin (all of a sudden, your goal will be reached faster than you and get to the bedroom). Type in a hot bath, add a relaxing foam creates an intimate twilight.

You can take care of that loved one just got home, drove him. Presented a bouquet of flowers or a small gift, take a walk together in the park, go to the cinema for something romantic-comedy. You have to tune in to the course of the evening and make sure that your partner in the mood.

Order or prepare something special - no need to spend hours in the kitchen, trying to capture the imagination of delicious food. Use natural aphrodisiacs - a win-win situation (seafood, eggs, fruits, mushrooms, cream, etc.). Buy a good bottle of wine, which will help you relax a little and languish.

Romantic dinner organized to no time for boredom - a couple of meals and go to the main action. But be sure to raise a glass and toast to say - thank your loved one for what it exists in your life, for all that he does for you. Make partner a relaxing massage, take a bath together, just Stay alone.

Arrange striptease or play role-playing games - and your date night of love must be different from the usual and ordinary sex.

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