Gambling: Dream Factory and emotions

Gambling: Dream Factory and emotions
 Not so long ago as gambling and alcoholism has been entered in the register of diseases of the mind. How could resist such a harmless at first glance addiction and how to learn to resist gambling, if you suddenly realize that you are sick of it.

First of all it is necessary to define what is meant by the word "mania". Psychologists call delusions of mental disorder, for which the typical obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as great excitement. For people with mania, characterized by mood swings, severe irritability. In these people, the reality is giving way to illusions.

In the US, compulsive gambling styled "addiction without drugs." In the human brain there are different receptors, which are responsible for different effects. Already found receptors that can develop dependence on tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, It is not known where the receptors become addicted people from the game.

To combat gambling man must develop yourself as a person. Gambling addiction, if he wants to get rid of their addiction, it is necessary to know the interest in life, it should appear a variety of other hobbies. This could be an interesting new work, cross stitching, cycling, in short, anything. Psychologists believe that it is important to have multiple sources of pleasures that in any difficult moments of life, a person could choose a way to distract from the problems, otherwise sooner or later there will come a time when a man tired of all elementary.

It is also necessary to strengthen their spiritual life. It is important to be able to do something useful, not only for themselves but also for other people. This can be a concern for their own children, a splash of creativity, hand-rearing rabbits, etc. All this - the "alternate airfields" help people not to get stuck on any one activity. If the same person is driven by only one motive in life (often only work), in the case of loss of this motif, it is unlikely to be able to switch to other spheres of life.

We are happy to gamers - it is curable. After treatment, the former gamer does not return to the game. In order to cure a gamer, you need to replace the stereotype of the game on a more convenient and necessary for human behaviors.

As often as possible to meet friends, they will be able to help see the other pleasures of life, except for games. Do not quarrel with him on the subject of compulsive gambling losses, but do not rejoice in his winnings. If gamers - your child, offer him another alternative (computer, sports), etc.

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