As noted six months

As noted six months
 You are together for six months, so do not have time to get to know each other. Life has not intervened in your relationship, but you have already become accustomed to each other. Who among you a very warm relationship. Half a year - this is the most romantic part of your novel. At this time, the real feelings originate.
 Day when your relationship turned six months - is a good time to arrange a pleasant surprise, to give memorable gifts and spend a romantic dinner just the two.

Arrange a surprise for your loved one - let his old dream come true. If he long dreamed of a parachute jump, organize it is the ultimate entertainment. Your partner will be happy to attend a master class on sushi, if he is partial to Japanese cuisine and has long wanted to learn how to cook some dishes himself. If you have common interests or long-standing desire, let them be fulfilled that day.

Know each other better helps joint vacation. Of course, it is more difficult to organize, but also fun, joy and excitement will be more than a one-day fun. Select the country you want to visit together, priurochte your vacation on the desired date and enjoy a new adventure.

Make a gift to your loved one. This should be a very personal gift. Use the information that you have time to learn about partner during your relationship. Think about what he likes, what a gift it would be pleased, or would be pleasantly surprised, and then you can opt for it is exactly what you need. You can give something that you can carry around and that will remind you. Your gift does not have to be expensive, but it must be touching, sweet, may symbolize something important for your partner or for both of you.

Spend a romantic evening together. Remember how you met some nice or funny moments of your relationship. Cook together some unusual dish or go to a small cozy restaurant. The main thing that reigned during dinner relaxed, warm, intimate atmosphere.

At a dinner party gifts and surprises do not end there, because your day is not over yet.

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