Art sexual intercourse

Art sexual intercourse
 You do not know how to spice up your sex life? Not sure how to make it more interesting and get rid of the boring daily routine? Then you need to understand the art of sexual intercourse.

The first thing you have to deal - is to learn to control their sexual energy. In this issue you will help hologram images on which to focus and to submit it yourself. Pay attention to all the processes occurring inside when creating the image. Such manipulation is preferably carried out for at least 20 minutes per day. With each session you will begin to feel more sexual energy.

Would be very nice to master the art of control intimate muscles to make them stronger and more resilient. This will require regular execution of different exercises with the help of some devices, for example, with jade eggs.

Equally important in the art of seduction is the correct grace possession of the body. With the mirror every day perform gentle exercises, stroking his own body.

The most effective ways of seduction is an art of erotic massage and touch. Everyone has a set of points on the body that are responsible for a particular process. So, if it is correct click on some point during the massage, you can achieve the main thing - seduction. Effective during the massage is the use of aroma lamps with spray oil of ylang-ylang, geranium, patchouli.

If you like role-playing games, or you about them ever heard, but did not use in your sex life, try to be very useful while using sexual energy. Dressed in erotic costume teacher or nurse, you are very surprised of his sexual partner. Surely, it will lead him. Buy a suit can be in any sex shop or on the Internet.

A good idea to perform an erotic dance favorite. Learn the art of seduction can be addressed in a dance school. Now stripplastika is very common and is available in many dance schools.

Japanese sexual minorities are often used in the practice of the art of erotic binding called shibari. Basically shibari applied to women and in contrast to various torture stands elevated aesthetic that allows you to get a great pleasure.

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