Appliances tantric sex

Appliances tantric sex
 Most couples eventually lose their passion in a relationship, and their sex life becomes sluggish and everyday. For the birth of new thrills recommended discover tantric sex - one of the most ancient mystical practices of self-knowledge and peace.  

Tantra teaches that men and women is a manifestation of the god and goddess of the earth. In order to understand themselves as such must combine physiological unity with the spiritual, which will lead to a doubling of energy and long lasting bliss. There are several important aspects of Tantra.

1. Breathing. We must learn to "feel" the partner, mastering the technique of breathing: breathing should be at the same time, in unison. Breathing in rhythm with the parterre allows you to configure the maximum unity.

2. Attention. Concentrate on your partner and on their feelings. Entirely please the eyes and ears: Closely monitor any nuances in the behavior of the partner. Tantra encourages practice in daylight and with eyes open.

3. Duration. The basis of the usual sex is the race for an orgasm. The goal of tantric sex is different: enjoy the process, not the outcome. Skilled tantric sex can last from 2 hours to infinity. Simple sex leads to ejaculation in 2-5 minutes after the start of sex, Tantric postpone this moment as long as possible. Orgasm should ideally take place at the same time partners.

Master of tantric sex tips for beginners to practice abstinence for at least two days, as well as to refuse before a session of heavy and fatty foods. Of great importance is the situation in the room: it should work on the appearance of a particular mood, nothing should distract.

The basic meaning of tantric sex - to give pleasure to the partner, and then himself. In general, the study of Tantra helps broaden the scope of consciousness, self-knowledge, and through it - the other. Psychologists and sexologists maintain a positive attitude to tantric sex, seeing it as an opportunity to finally be liberated, to partner completely get rid of the complex and become truly free.

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