10 things you are afraid of all men in the world

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 Strah- is the biggest weakness of man. Around the world, every person, regardless of gender, race and religion, is afraid of something. Some fears are similar, while others are almost unique. If clowns, mouse, fear of betrayal keeps most of us in their ticks, then kaktusofobiya or Ephebiphobia (fear of youth) is rare for someone become a nightmare. However, fears of a particular group can be divided into two groups: male and female. Fears soplemennits us much is clear, but what is afraid muzhchina- creature from another planet?

So, what fears plagued the opposite sex? What they tend to fear more than anything else?

The first and most common strah- fear of their own inadequacy as a real man. No matter how many years he was not, he was afraid that life is what kind, will be held by the party, and he did not have time to realize their potential. That friends, classmates or younger brother will be at least the oil industry, and he will remain mediocre manager or engineer.

Fear stems from the first second - they are afraid that you prefer a more intelligent, rich, much more promising male. What man is afraid if the oath of fidelity and marriage is over and you love it a single? His tormented by the thought "What if ...". Some of them suffer from a progressive form of this phobia - fear of every kind of comparison with other members of their own sex.

If one of the earlier fears got the slightest hint of confirmation, or a man just is not popular with the ladies, he begins to wonder: "What if I and left alone?" Over the years, the fear of loneliness tightens the noose around the neck of the victim all the more - the range of potential free halves narrows and happiness as there was no and no. Loneliness for them - a terrible punishment, though they carefully disguised as unhappy love and his own unrecognized genius.

The man is afraid that his exhibit in an unfavorable light, simply put, fooled or make ridiculed. The man who has burned on this subconsciously waiting for deception and ridicule from others. Such a "stab in the back" that from colleagues that threatens the loss of his beloved authority. Man, that hurt injured partner, becomes suspicious and bitchy, and in severe cases - a misogynist.

To take responsibility - too scary. This obliges to something more, to fulfill their promises, accountable for their actions in front of a partner. A man for whom there is no worse responsibility phobia, often finds a unique solution: Turns brief relationship and eventually disappears under various pretexts. Separate conversation deserves this fear in the category "mama's boy" - in their case it is called infantile and caused by improper upbringing.

Fear of uncertainty. What lies ahead - no one knows. Otherwise life would be boring. But, nevertheless, men are afraid of unexpected twists of fate and in every way to avoid them. And if at all afraid to admit them, and pretend that nothing happened.

They are afraid to lose their weight in society. Career and personal growth is not as important as success on the personal front. Fear of failure is supported in this case, fear of loss of existing regulations or the collapse of a career.

Your treachery - a powerful phobia for him. It's one thing to compare her husband with a famous actor and quite another - physical and spiritual adultery. He did not endure, and why it is so afraid of your communication with others. I wish you'd just left immediately without explanation than treacherously continued relationship on two fronts.

Very similar to the previous his own fear that his "adventures" will open. If it does not differ loyalty, then, is likely to be carefully hide their passions from a constant partner. Fear of exposure keeps him in constant tension. As a result, men are traitors are often victims of strokes and heart attacks.

Oddly enough, but the man is afraid that he ... ugly! Troubles on the exterior usually appear before the first date or acquaintance with the subject of long-standing adoration. He is afraid to be enough attractive in your eyes. Hence the problem with the initiative when meeting and embarrassed some men at the first meeting.

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