Women's sexual fantasies

Women's sexual fantasies
 Maybe in the USSR and did not have sex, but sexual fantasies were accurate. Among the female population as well. Brain - is the main erogenous zone of the fairer sex. However, sexologists claim that the subconscious mind is not in vain selects certain scenarios - in any erotic fantasies have psychological reasons.

One of the most common themes - lesbian sex. Usually conjure gentle, slow caresses. Indeed, in the proximity of the two women first role plays physical and emotional contact. However, the mistress can be quite active and assertive - it all depends on what role the woman wants to play in bed. Such fantasies indicate that real partner too little time to the foreplay, slowly begin to have sex. Therefore, special attention should be paid to foreplay, the maximum diversity and lengthen them.

Fantasies about having sex with two men, or even about group sex as often visit women's heads. Yielding to the imagination to multiple lovers, she compensates for the inability to fully open before a true partner, seem too cheeky. In this case, you need to learn to openly discuss sex life with your loved one, not afraid to shock his candid confessions and their own desires.

Sex with a stranger - another common scenario erotic dreams. Usually image individuality partner, the woman often not even focuses on his face. The main idea of ​​this fantasy - sex without commitment. After a casual lover disappears as quickly as it had appeared, and then - leaving only pleasant memories. Most likely, the girl who often returned to this subject, doubts about its ability to meet the partner. That is why the "disposable" lover without a face and a name - an ideal option.

Another popular fantasy - sex in a public place, where at any moment lovers can catch strangers. For example, in the fitting room, a movie theater or an elevator. Prerequisites such thoughts can lie and outside the sexual sphere. For example, in the desire to shock, risk propensity to adventurism. But at the same time, such a scenario can be born from the ordinary elementary fatigue, monotonous sex, which no longer gives a vivid sensations.

Sex with the use of brute force, or even rape - a pretty popular female fantasy. Of course, in the minds of female lover never goes beyond the limits, his aggression is caused only by the desire to possess. On the one hand, this is expressed by the lack of attention from a loved one, the desire to please and excite the other - is likely that a woman wants to perform with respect to only a passive role: to receive more than they give.

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