Why sex without an orgasm?

Why sex without an orgasm?
 It would seem, in all respects just great, he scrambles to make you feel, looking for an excuse to surprise, but sexually, alas, can not give you a real pleasure.

For men and women sex - it's not just physical proximity, it is an opportunity to give each other pleasure. But in this case it is important not so much skill as the ability to bring each other to orgasm. After all, sex without orgasm - is a recipe for dysfunction of the female body.

Yes, many women live in a marriage for more than 30 years and are not even aware of the existence of such a thing as an orgasm. But why this sex at all?

Of course, she always brings pleasure to the man, but why should she suffer? Even if she loves him madly, he should also do some steps, learn, try to get a girlfriend, too, could feel like a real woman.

Maybe, though, a woman to have an orgasm, sometimes have to work hard and very, pointing to her husband, and what to do? But in this case, orgasm, indeed, will be inevitable.

Yet joint work to achieve female orgasm important. In order to understand how to bring a woman to orgasm, you can watch together training films, which clearly shows what and how to do better. But at the same time we should not forget that every person is different.

You should also take into account the fact that, caressing each other, it is possible to find points that deliver the most fun. You can draw attention and sex positions. Maybe they will not always convenient and simple, as long as this way the woman managed to get what she had long dreamed of.

But the most important thing that must take into account the woman - no need to put pressure on the man, telling him about how he was bad in bed. He certainly learned everything. Smart of the fairer sex will always find an opportunity to send a partner in the right direction. Even if they have to sacrifice something.

Maybe for sex you just need to change the situation and try to do it in extreme conditions, perhaps this will help a woman achieve orgasm, while men get an extra incentive to keep sex.

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