What love is different from love

What love is different from love
 Love and love - are completely different concepts, although they are quite easy to confuse. And because of this, boys and girls are often disappointed in yourself and in your partner. And for what? to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is only necessary to analyze and understand your sense of what it is actually.

How does

If there was a sense of a man suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, it is love. This feeling appears for a reason - there is an irrepressible desire for man. But love comes gradually, it can grow out of love, but the realization that you really love a person, will definitely not right.

How is

Love - the feeling of rapid, it disappears just as easily as there. In this love can literally disappear one day. Love is fading gradually. Psychologists say that to fully recover after such a relationship may not be less than a time equal to the duration of the relationship. In other words, if people loved each other for a year, and suffer from a breakup, they will be the same.

Harmony in relationships

Love implies a mutual understanding and respect, will only be achieved harmony in the relationship. Loving people often have some views and interests, which further brings them closer. Love is basically built on mutual attraction and sexual relations.

Disadvantages chosen

When a person is in love, he looks at the world through "rose-colored glasses" and simply does not notice flaws in your partner. Loving the same man is well aware of all the imperfections of the elect, but accepts him as he is.


Check relationships often helps a forced separation. If people are in love with each other, the departure of one of them may lead to the disappearance of this feeling. But if the partners really love each other, then at the time of separation, they realize how much they dear and close to a loved one. This period in the relationship to make love only stronger.

Thus, analyzing their feelings, everyone will be able to understand what he feels for her partner.

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