The benefits of heroism for real men

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 Who are these men? Smart, strong and brave, they can move through a puddle of his lady, to protect her from the bully will score a nail, and in case of war they go into the army and defend their country. Heroism - the property of men, and if no major feats is not expected, a real man is bored.

If you got a real man who yearns and longs without feats, you're in luck. But do not forget that behind them need special care. Women help quite a feat can not be redundant. Suppose a man to fight the dragon and defeat him. In this case, should a woman do? She polishes armor and sword men stroking his shirt and pants for the feat, prepares the horse puts on a saddle and harness. Before feat woman needs a man to feed, to remind him of where and when to be to perform the feat, to carry on a man is not easy. Must first be necessary to organize a dragon, so that he does not shirked feat men did not go somewhere on business, and waited for him. When the feat accomplished, it is necessary to restore order on the battlefield, remove from it the dragon's body, wash pants and shirt men lead the stables and horse feed to pour, and the hero feat feed and put to bed. (And while he is sleeping, do not forget to write a report about a man's feat and put it on the internet)

That's because just about everything and situation. Joking aside, but really, if you want to partner behaved like a real man, you need to give him a chance to prove himself. Do not deprive him of the pleasure to demonstrate their masculinity. Next to you, he has to feel like a real man, then he will behave.

Even in those situations where you, in all honesty, it could handle yourself, you can let him know that he - your support and the support. Then in a really difficult situation for you he will take over the "authority" to address the problems and show their masculinity in full. Those women who constantly make it clear to the man that they are stronger than him, or at least as strong, lose a great deal - they do not see in your partner character.

Why women are so fond of, so they gave flowers? The real reason is that they want to feel like a princess and queens, collecting admiring glances, well, maybe not anywhere around, but only on his own men. Each wants to be the only one for her man. And it is also important to be a hero, brave and courageous, for his woman.

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