Strong feelings, that you are ashamed

Strong feelings, that you are ashamed
 You probably know the feeling of guilt for some thoughts. Can be arbitrarily long time to share the details of sexual activity or discuss salary, but these feelings you do not dare to show, even in the strongest attack of candor. In fact, feelings and desires that are considered indecent, does not guarantee you a ticket to hell. To better understand themselves and find out what to do with these nasty thoughts and feelings.

She is to blame!

Need real courage to admit deep down you are happy that her friend was removed from the project profitable. While gloating is not accepted flaunt, it is one of the most public feelings. People tend to constantly compare yourself with others, to assess its merits. And if it turns out that you are better than someone from the surrounding, the head can whirl of success. However, an ideal object for schadenfreude are not friends, and celebrities. Let the star wears dress by Versace and her mansion in Hawaii, but with her husband, quite frankly, no luck. And like gay and changes right and left ...

Many psychologists believe that schadenfreude - natural survival strategy. Like, in the old competition for living space and food was the most severe and required a harsh manners. Since then, the product has become much better, and the ability to enjoy the misfortunes of others with us today.

Would have killed him!

Tell me honestly, you would ever pull up tough bugger and cad? But you have kept yourself. So, anger - it is a positive force. With anger people recognize their own motives. But not everyone is able to manage it. Anger grows into a rage, and then suffer the surrounding. Or anger exhausts you, no way out. When you say that you are ready to "kill someone", it is unlikely you're actually ready to take up a gun or a knife. These words help to calm the emotions, to understand the reason for his aggression and keep from hysterics.

And I would be with him, maybe ...

Have you navydumyvali about the chief or neighbors various obscenities? Do not worry, these thoughts from time to time climb to the head all decent women. Imagination - this is normal and characteristic of human nature. And indecent thoughts - not a signal that your relationship is crumbling. Change mentally and make it reality - very different things. Just do not share your imaginary adventures with her husband. Even if you say that you dreamed of a tall stranger, he will take it as an occasion for jealousy or insulting. What can we say, if a loved learns that in your sexual fantasies present high brunette in front of the apartment. And be careful: if the dream of someone who is always close, you can seriously get excited about.

Disaster tickle your nerves

Note that each time after a major incident among your friends is a lot of witnesses: someone driving past, someone knows what really happened, someone familiar with the victim. People tend to like to touch someone else's tragedy, because her background, they look more impressive than in civilian life. Received a fair share of attention to an important event, you become a more important person. And it does not depend on where you were on the ashes, or on the football field. Charm tragedies directly related to your health. Seeing the pain of others, you can not help feel better by the fact that you are here and not inside the mangled vehicle. In addition, the survival instinct alert you that learn best from others' mistakes and misfortunes of others.

Finally otmuchilsya

When, after a long illness finally died your grandfather, you have experienced not only despair, but also relieved. Nothing wrong with that. After a long empathy, you have the right to breathe freely. Someone suffering ended, and with them and finally yours. People say, "At least he died in his sleep," or, "He was still himself did not remember, but suffered." These emotions stem from a desire to protect themselves and are quite natural, because they help to see the positive side of what happened.

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