Six tricks to argue with a man

Six tricks to argue with a man
 No matter which category you count themselves among women (vamp, housewife or a business lady), you have to deal with men. Moreover, you may occur between different kinds of disputes, in which a man will be all sorts of ways to prove how wrong you are.

Examples of this can be vast. Once again, you (according to men) were going too long before going to the cinema. Or overdone his favorite soup, and he begins to prove that it happens every time. Not very pleasant situation, besides their appearance affects your nervous system.

Very rare instances when a man admits they were wrong. Quite often it happens that after lengthy debate, two did not come to any general conclusion. It follows the main trick that should be used in a dispute with a man. Proving itself the rightness of their beliefs, try to find ways of persuasion, in which he, too, will be right. Of course, every woman picks up the key to solving this problem, but it is possible to allocate a number of actions that will help you succeed in a dispute with a man.

First, in any case do not let him jump on an unrelated topic of dispute. This will only lead to finding your relationship as a whole. The use of the right skills in the ability to not give a man a chance to answer your arguments, not on - the key to victory in any dispute.

Second, listen to all the arguments tirade his innocence, which fall on your head, do not interrupt. And only after that do take the word to gently and subtly point out inconsistencies in his words. And they certainly will, if a man incensed and will speak everything for his defense.

Third, do not use phrases like: "I'm tired of this relationship! "," Can no longer endure all this! "That is, the ones that give a clear reference to the gap. Men (not to be confused with the beardless youths) in such moments can venture on anything, including to end the relationship. And not always possible to find a way back.

Fourth, in any case, do not start to raise your voice regardless of the cause quarrels. Among the charges can enter and what you - lady hysterical warehouse that can not keep emotions to themselves. Be calm in any situation.

Fifth, do not be afraid to admit they were wrong. Such a move could discourage a man. For example, a dispute arose on the basis of determining the best football team. And if he says that "Spartacus" champion, so be it. The method works with different versions of the dispute. And sometimes it's better to hush him, because most of the gain can not bring the consequences that you expect.

And finally, do not forget that to any dispute with your partner should be treated with skepticism. Often, regardless of the merits of the dispute and what is at stake, men just want to show that in any case can win. So why are they so hard? After all, everyone will stand up for what he believes. And if your man is alone with explaining the relationship, no matter how pleasant pastime with you it just is not enough.

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