Several kinds of loyalty

Several kinds of loyalty
 Faithfulness is the key to a long and strong family relationships. It is believed that couples who hold each other fidelity, most stable, happy and prosperous.

Scientists who have studied a large number of couples who have concluded that the faithful can be of several types.

Inborn loyalty

There are people in the body that there is such a hormone, as vasopressin, and it is produced only during intimacy. This hormone makes you feel happy, desire and satisfaction only with a specific partner, and this, in turn, allows you to be faithful.

Forced loyalty

This happens when the wife for any reason for a very long time have to be given to each other, and if they are faithful to each other, so really love.

Exotic loyalty

In modern times there are families in which the change is accepted, but only in front of her husband. This so-called swingers. They believe that if they have the ability to control your partner's actions - it is not a betrayal.

Conscious loyalty

This is when the partners do not consciously change each other, considering it inadmissible in a relationship.

Ideal loyalty

This is when the partners say this with pride and consider it a feat, in return for which the other partner must put up with all its shortcomings. More often than not the ideal loyalty is perceived as one of the ways of manipulation.

Strong and confident people will always be faithful to its second half. They do so not out of fear or any belief, but because of the love and respect for your partner. Faithfulness is a strong foundation for future relations. Of course, when something in the relationship does not work, you can run away and find solace with another person, but you can find the problem and solve it together.

Remember that loyalty is an integral part of a healthy relationship. People are different from animals that quality, because apart from physical attraction a person must be a different system of values, respect for self and loved ones.

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